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Rite Aid Corporation

April 1, 1998


Mr. Frank C. Roberts
Mayor, Chairmen, Lancaster Redevelopment Agency
City of Lancaster
44933 North Fern Avenue
Lancaster, CA 93534-2461


Dear Mayor Roberts:

I want to thank you for the foresight and vision you have shown that has made it such a pleasure for our team at Rite Aid to do business with the City of Lancaster.  We chose to bring 1,000 jobs to your City and invest more than $70 million dollars constructing our new Southwest Distribution facility in your city for several reasons.   The location of the City, with proximity to our major markets, was, of course, an important factor as were the incentives offered by your City Council.  But we were also considering sites in Nevada and Arizona and other sites in California.  What made us select Lancaster was the infrastructure already in place to support our operation and transport our products.

Under your leadership, the City of Lancaster had the vision in past years to invest in the development of infrastructure, paving the way for companies to bring their business to Lancaster.  That investment was the factor that drove Rite Aid to choose Lancaster and you can be assured that it will draw more companies to the area, rewarding your foresight with jobs and economic investment.

The infrastructure we found in Lancaster was crucial to our choice of a site because if shaves time off of our construction schedule and that saves us money in construction costs.  As I'm sure you understand, construction cost savings translate into profits for companies like Rite Aid .  By cutting construction time down, we can open the operation sooner allowing us and Lancaster to reap the benefits of this project months earlier.

There are only a handful of communities with the foresight and vision to prepare and build for progress over time and they are the communities that will succeed in attracting companies like ours that bring quality jobs and millions of dollars to them.  The foresight and vision demonstrated by you, Mayor Roberts, and by your City in the development of the Fox Field Industrial Area proves that Lancaster is the type of community that we want to partner with for the long term.





Ron Miller
Sr. Vice President of Distribution and Logistics

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Jim Gilley
Jeff Rose


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