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X33 new.jpg (20084 bytes)
Bringing the X-33 contract to the Antelope Valley.
block.jpg (20875 bytes)
The City Council Academy.
COURT new.jpg (31491 bytes)
The dedication ceremony for the new courthouse.
Law Village.jpg (37294 bytes)
Frank Roberts in action at the Law Village.
LV Graduation.jpg (37803 bytes)
Graduation from the Law Village Training Center with clan and instructors.
fair.jpg (19712 bytes)
AV Fair parade.
powell.jpg (20183 bytes)
Board of Trade Outlook Conference with Gen. Colin Powell.
Install Plane.jpg (25121 bytes)
Installation of the plane monument at JetHawks Stadium.
safety fair.jpg (17740 bytes)
At the Safety Fair with Mayor Frank Roberts, Sheriff Sherman Block, and Capt. Mike Aranda.
rite aide.jpg (12544 bytes)
Pete Knight at the Rite Aide announcement.
plane accept.jpg (22492 bytes)
Acceptance ceremony for plane monument.
metro.jpg (21251 bytes)
The first running of the Metrolink - a few years ago!
putman.jpg (25174 bytes)
Receipt of a Helen Putnam Award in Sacramento with George, Frank, and Gov. Pete Wilson.
city2.gif (6286 bytes) michaels.jpg (23223 bytes)
At the Michael's building raising.  Another Roberts, Hearns, & Jeffra Triumph!

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