Frank Roberts best candidate for mayoralty.
Antelope Valley Press, March 31, 1996


  • Focus:  Today, the editorial board of the Valley Press offers to readers its unanimous endorsement of Frank Roberts for election as the first directly elected mayor of Lancaster.

     On Tuesday, April 9, the voters of Lancaster will choose their first directly elected mayor a decision of overriding importance for the future of the city.
     This first directly elected mayor will be more than a ceremonial figurehead, although that is certainly part of the job.  His most crucial task will be that of setting benchmarks for tone and direction of municipal affairs.

     Lancaster needs a mayor who has:

  • Courage and vision to lead and to take personal responsibility for actions and decisions;
  • Integrity to lead without fear or favor in right directions for the greatest public benefit;
  • Personal commitment of time and endurance to achieve success;
  • A solid record of accomplishment and proven ability to be a catalyst for bringing together the people and resources to achieve positive results.

     Incumbent council member Frank Roberts meets and exceeds the standards in each of those areas, and offers Lancaster Voters the best hope for a city council that will be oriented toward public benefit instead of public bickering.
     Roberts' service on the city council has been exemplary.   His voting record shows neither slavish devotion to any cause, nor politically motivated, personality-driven obstructionism for its own sake.
     Roberts, who retires this year from a long and distinguished career as an Antelope Valley College administrator, is a man who earns friendships and respect throughout the Antelope Valley.  He is open and friendly without being domineering, and astute without being arrogant.
     The election of Frank Roberts will bring to the city council and to city hall itself a renewed sense of security, opportunity and stability.
     And there is no question in our minds that Roberts will comport himself in a way that will firmly establish the newly elected office of mayor as one of dignity, respect and competency.
     That is not to say that any of the other candidates lack all of these qualities.  It is only to say that in our experience and view, Roberts brings all of the qualities of dynamic leadership together in the best possible way for the benefit of Lancaster's future.
     To his credit, Roberts has never engaged in bad-mouthing his city or his Valley.  Where others wring their hands and bemoan circumstances.   Roberts just keeps working toward the better days ahead.
     And if those aren't reasons enough to elect Frank Roberts as Lancaster's first directly elected mayor, consider that Roberts possesses one of the council's most consistent individual records for simply showing up at the myriad of community events where council members are expected.
    We are proud to offer to readers out endorsement of council member Frank Roberts for the office of mayor of Lancaster.

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