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"Frank Roberts best candidate for mayoralty."

- Antelope Valley Press, March 31, 1996.
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Frank Roberts

Campaign Statement

     I've had the distinct honor of serving you as Mayor these past years during which I've shown my leadership ability to deliver two property tax breaks and key quality of life enhancements to our residents.
    My commitment to public safety with the hardworking men and women of our Sheriff's Department in adding to the largest municipal contract has paid off with the 17% decline in crime rate.  Our Crime Tip and Raysack demolition effort are also successes.
    I'm proud of our continuing progress with our schools, making affordable elementary and middle school sites available creating partnerships for facility usage and starting safety programs such as Safe Walk.
    I've worked hard to bring jobs to Lancaster and you've seen the progress AeroBending, Lance Camper, Michael's Stores, Rite Aid, Federal Express, Frito Lay and others.  They represent thousands of new direct and support jobs for our families.  Our Aerospace Office helped land Venture Star and We're working on other aircraft and rocket programs.
    I'm proud of the progress we've made with our JetHawks Stadium, World Class Soccer and Softball Facilities, Library, Performing Arts Center, Sheriff's Station, and Metrolink Station.  I pledge to do even more by pursuing community parks, golf course, football field, auto race track, equestrian center, ice rink, updated Little League fields and a new fairgrounds.
    I now need your help - let's continue the progress.

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